Knights & Fairy Tales


Welcome to Knights & Fairy Tales - a free to play, small scale online roleplaying game for multiple players. The game is currently in revival mode after a ~10-year long offline phase.

key game features

character development with an arch In most games with a character progression it usually knows only one direction - an endless "leveling up". In KFT a Knight will age and thus all achieved training will be overlayed with the slow decay of getting old, creating new challenges, but also opportunities along that way.
unique approach to in-game timeWith Knights aging regardless of player activity the question of the rate and proportion of passage of time in relation to real life needed to be answered. An adaptiv asyncronous solution allows players flexible downtimes between gaming sessions.
high stake gaming Free scaling difficulty of combat in the open world requires sharp judgement by players - what is a Knight able to weather, which fights are worth the effort and which can be won. It requires the player to manage available resources and equipment, when walking the line of the possible. Crossing this line too far means your Knight is dead and gone, so learning this might come with a few setbacks and frustrations.
dynamic map The map of Lunamar is periodically reshuffled, each time creating different map dynamics, leaving the players with new challenges and opportunities in regards to questing and resource gathering.

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